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Angels Unaware
The belief in angels has a wide following.  Religious proponents would have you believe that angels are distinct entities, commissioned by God Almighty, who serve in some intervening fashion to advance, protect or prevent certain events crucial to the interests of mankind’s physical survival or welfare.  Often, it is claimed, their interaction in the daily regimen of the mortal sphere, changes the course of events so that an effect is made more digestible by its human target, thereby easing a dire consequence ordinarily due and owing.  These easements may range from simple peace of mind to what many refer to as a “miracle.”

Those who flee from the religious point of view, for whatever reason, naturally press their semantics into a body of “spirit guides,” who are apparently case specific, as are guardian angels, and who work in the interests of host humans in their charge.  On both sides of the argument, a sophisticated echelon of function and power drives the “miracle workers” to the cellar of the human subconscious where they reside untended and mostly ignored.

There is a third alternative.  It involves both our spiritual and physical natures in cooperation with the Creative Force of which we are constituents and subordinates.  It involves thought and the will to create thoughts based on compassion and selflessness.  It depends upon the unique characteristics of a thought being a separate “entity,” born of intent and subject to execution at any moment.  Thoughts are “things” and have the power of transmigration from a sane mind to the vicinity of its target, until the elements of execution come together, allowing it to apply its force.

So how does that explain angels and guides?  It does so in this way: As individuals, our thoughts bear minimal effect.  But as a microcosm of the universal mind,  we can band together,  join our thoughts toward a single purpose and make the earth move.  In this way, we would be intervening in a fashion to preserve, protect and prevent an event to the benefit of one of our own through the exercise of compassion and divine love.  Could it be that we are our own Angels and Guides –Angels Unaware?

Copyright © April, 2000 dtgosnell

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