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Anna's Page  copyright © 2000 Anna Copeland

           Midnight Showers    Heart's Dreams
Outside I sit in darkness
All alone from the world,
Drizzle from midnight showers
Dampens my spirit to the Core,
Earth large around me
Invisible I feel to all.

Thoughts race in my mind
Imagination carries me away
Dreaming of far off places,
Heaven's tears dry up.
Calm is the night
All the world asleep
I join them.

    Journey of Life

Tomorrow's future will be
Yesterday's distant past.
Time spent on memories made
Will count for lessons learned.
Decisions carve our road
For all directions taken
On this journey.

Sought after blessings
Not always found
Obstacles in our way,
Destiny and faith lead us on
With hopes of joy today.

Outside my window
Songs of morning
Nature's wide awake.
Sunshine warms my room
Bringing promise of a new day,
Another beginning born.

Fresh start, mistakes forgotten
Possibilities endless.
Always moving forward.
Today's deeds bring forth
Tomorrow's future

Every day important
Memories of life lived.
Waste not time,
Live in the moment.
Someday looked back on
With cherished meaning.

When that day comes
Your time to expire.
What have you given?
What have you left behind?
Regrets you will have
Unless you Live Full.

Do all you wish,
Travel the country, 
Swim the ocean,
Climb a mountain,
Fulfill your heart's dreams.
Don't put off till tomorrow,
It may never come.

Copyright © 2000 Anna Copeland  --All Rights Reserved               Anna's Home Page
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