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In The Beginning

The various misunderstandings so rife in Christian orthodoxy tragically force the "brethren" into a broad mental set that defines the "Elected" as a closed society.  The fact is, Jesus took on the karma of the entire world by allowing His crucifixion, a gift not alien to the ordinary ministrations of lessor masters.  But instead of simply accepting His sacrifice as a karmic intercession, the church fathers changed it into a release from all responsibility for man's evil deportment, thereby creating an excuse (the devil made me do it), and a way out (I'm sorry, really I am).

For in that He Himself has suffered, being tempted, He is able to aid those who are tempted.
--Hebrews 2:18
Traditional interpretations of the Bible are forced into a "literal" form, as long as there are no contradictions.  When those pop up, the brethren suddenly realize that some things simply are not meant to be understood by mere mortals.  For example, when God promised to avenge Cain's murder sevenfold, the "faithful" head for the hills when all they have to do is accept the assumption that the murderer will suffer death seven times.  A child can understand that which might explain why they have no problem securing a visa for the Kingdom of Heaven.  Following is an interpretation from a saint whose present assignment lies in the astral world.
Genesis is deeply symbolic, and cannot be grasped by a literal interpretation.  Its "Tree of Life" is the human body.  The spinal cord is like an upturned tree, with men's hair as its roots, and afferent and efferent nerves as branches.  The tree of the nervous system bears many enjoyable fruits, or sensations of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.  In these, man may rightfully indulge; but he was forbidden the experience of sex, the "apple" at the center of the body (in the midst of the garden).

The serpent represents the coiled-up spinal energy that stimulates the sex nerves.  "Adam" is Reason, and "Eve" is Feeling.  When the emotion or Eve-consciousness in any human being is overpowered by the sex impulse, his reason or Adam also succumbs.

God created the human species by materializing the bodies of man and woman through the force of His will; He endowed the new species with the power to create children in a similar "immaculate" or Divine manner.  Because His manifestation in the individualized soul had hitherto been limited to animals, instinct-bound and lacking the potentialities of reason, God made the first human bodies, symbolically called Adam and Eve.  To these, for advantageous upward evolution, He transferred the souls or divine essence of two animals.  In Adam or man, Reason predominated; in Eve or woman, Feeling was ascendant.  Thus was expressed the duality or polarity that underlies the phenomenal worlds.  Reason and feeling remain in a heaven of cooperative joy as long as the human mind is not tricked by the serpentine energy of animal propensities.

The human body was therefore not solely a result of evolution from beasts but was produced through an act of special creation by God.  The animal forms were too crude to express full divinity; man was uniquely given the potentially omniscient "thousand-petaled Lotus" in the brain, as well as acutely awakened occult centers in the spine.

God, or the Divine Consciousness, present within the first created pair, counseled them to enjoy all human sensibilities, with one exception: sex sensations.  These were banned, lest humanity enmesh itself in the inferior animal method of propagation.  The warning not to revive subconsciously present bestial memories was unheeded.  Resuming the way of brute procreation, Adam and Eve fell from the state of heavenly joy natural to the original perfect man.  When "they knew that they were naked," their consciousness of immortality was lost, even as God had warned them; they had placed themselves under the physical law by which bodily birth must be followed by bodily death.

The knowledge of "good and evil," promised by the "serpent," refers to the dualistic and oppositional experiences that mortals under maya must undergo.  Falling into delusion through misuse of his feeling and reason, or Eve and Adam-consciousness, man relinquishes his right to enter the heavenly garden of divine self-sufficiency.  The personal responsibility of every human being is to restore his "parents" or dual nature to a unified harmony or Eden.

--Sri Swami Yukteswar Giri

If God made Adam in His own image, it follows that Adam should have the same powers of a god.  To think otherwise would be adding to the context from personal bias.  When they discovered "nakedness," the implication is their awareness of genitalia, which, up to that time, served only as a means of discrimination.  The Swami's account proves more creditably, by reason of objectivity  --not having been steeped in Christian tradition-- that Man was indeed a "special" creation and a suitable vessel for the pursuit of divinity.

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