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The Brain
Dr. J. B. Rhine          Journal of Parapsychology

. . . the brain is primarily and completely the center of man . . . . If the mind is different from the physical brain system, it would have a different destiny, could perhaps be independent, separable and unique.

Paul C. Aebersold          The NY Times   (September 29, 1954)

. . . In a year, approximately 98 percent of the atoms in us now will be replaced by other atoms we take in, in our air, food and drink . . . Thus a man of seventy-five has had at least seventy new brains and bodies . . .

Gustaf Strömberg          The Soul of the Universe

Our memories are indelibly "engraved" in our brain field, that is, the electrical field which determines the structure and functions of our brain . . .

Joseph Wood Krutch          The Mystery of the Mind

[The brain as a computer] is a thing without the capacity to make completely new decisions, without the capacity to form new memory records, and a thing without that indefinable attribute, a sense of humor . . . . These are functions of the mind. . .

William James          Human Immortality

. . . If our finite personality here below . . . be due to the transmission through the brain of portions of a pre-existing larger consciousness, all that can remain after the brain expires is the larger consciousness itself as such . . .

The plain truth is that one may conceive the mental world behind the veil in as individualistic a form as one pleases, without any detriment to the general scheme by which the brain is represented as a transmissive organ . . .

G. Lowes Dickinson          Is Immortality desirable?

The scientific denial of immortality is based upon the admitted fact of the connection between mind and brain, when it is assumed that death of the brain must involve death of that, whatever it be, which has been call soul.

W. Q. Judge          The Ocean of Theosophy

By living according to the dictates of the soul, the brain may at last be made porous to the soul's recollections; if the contrary sort of life is led, then more and more will clouds obscure that reminiscence.  But the brain had no part in the life last lived, it is in general unable to remember . . .

. . . When the frame is cold . . . all the forces of the body and mind rush through the brain, and by a series of pictures the whole life just ended is imprinted indelibly on the inner man . . . . At this moment, . . . the real man is busy in the brain.

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