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The Evolution of a Creationist By Jobe Martin 
ISBN 0-9643665-0-9

This book emphasizes the inherent conflicts between evolutionary theory and the Bible . . . . When dealing with the molecules to man theory, we are speaking of a system of faith, a religion.  It may be faith in eternal God or faith in eternal matter and energy.  This book attempts to help the reader discern which system of though about our beginnings proves true.  Is it the impersonal, plus chance, plus billions of years?  Or a Creator/Designer who accomplished the feat of universal creation in six 24-hour periods of time?
Chapter One

It was the "big bang," plus time, plus chance, or in other words, nothing plus no one equals everything.--author

The Big Bang model only attempts to explain the ordering of matter and energy, not their origin.  Matter had to be eternally present before the big bang or there would have been nothing to go "Boom." --author

. . . what science educators propose to teach as "evolution," and label as fact, is based not upon any incontrovertible empirical evidence (scientifically proven facts), but upon a highly controversial philosophical presupposition . . .        --Philip E. Johnson, "Evolution as Dogma: The Establishment of Naturalism"

There were mail and female people on earth from the beginning . . . . That leaves no room at all for billions of years of transitional animal forms (missing links) gradually evolving from a single cell through monkey-like creatures to man. --author

Evolution destroys God, His infinite power and image.  Furthermore, evolution enslaves God to the restrictive boundaries of time. --author

Scientists tell us that when matter is somewhere for a long enough time, it will eventually stop doing anything and just sit there in neutral like a car . . . all matter and energy, if eternal, would be in neutral . . . . What made the big bang go "Boom?" --author

Chapter Two

. . . evolutionists assume that non-living chemicals gave rise to that first living cell which, in turn, evolved into ever and ever more complex forms. --author

Seven Basic Assumptions of Evolution

1.  Non-living things gave rise to living material --spontaneous generation.
2.  Spontaneous generation occurred only once.
3.  Viruses, bacteria, plants and animals are all related.
4.  Protozoa gave rise to metazoa.
5.  Various invertebrate phyla are interrelated.
6.  Invertebrates gave rise to the vertebrates.
7.  Fish gave rise to amphibia, amphibia to reptiles and the reptiles to the birds

                                        The Mystery of Life's Origin  --Thaxton Bradley Olsen

. . . a bacterium can synthesize some 3,000 to 6,000 compounds at a rate of one million reactions per second.  Cells of bacteria and blue-green algae contain just a single molecule of DNA, and they lack well-defined internal structures, such as a nucleus, chromosomes and internal membranes.
                                                --Dr. Leon Long, "Geology"

Biology acknowledges . . . the Law of Biogenesis:  Life generates life.  If some thing is alive, it is alive because something else alive produced it.        --Dr. Henry Morris, "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation"

. . . even if . . . experiments did prove chemical evolution is possible, which they did not do, you still have a personal designer (scientists) making his creation . . . --Dennis R. Peterson, "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation"

They (the evolutionists) challenge science to prove the existence of God.  But must we really light a candle to see the sun? . . . They say they cannot visualize a designer.  Well, can a physicist visualize an electron? . . . What strange rationale makes some physicists accept the inconceivable electron as real while refusing to accept the reality of a Designer on the ground that they cannot conceive Him? . . . --author

All birds use body heat to incubate their eggs except the Incubator Bird.  "Instead, they pile up great heaps of debris which serve as incubators; the warmth of the fermenting compost does the work.  In one species, the scrub fowl, a mound twenty feet high and fifty feet wide has been reported."  --Roger Peterson, "Life Nature Library"

Chapter Three

When we descend to details we can prove that no one species has changed (ie., we cannot prove that a single species has changed): nor can we prove that the supposed changes are beneficial, which is the groundwork of the theory.  Nor can we explain why some species have changed and others have not.  The latter case seems to me hardly more difficult to understand precisely and in detail than the former case of supposed change.
        --Frances Darwin, "The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin"

We had an international conference in Rome in 1981 on the mechanisms of speciation.  It was attended by many of the leading botanists, zoologists, paleontologists, geneticists, cytologists and biologists.  The one thing on which they all agreed was that we still have absolutely no idea what happens genetically during speciation.
        --Dr. Ernst Mayer, "Omni Magazine" (Feb., 1983

Science, having toppled God the Creator and exalted Man, now wants to raise E. Coli and the rest of the seething mass of terrestrial life up there alongside Him.  --Stephen Jay Gould, "Wonderful Life"

Hitler was an evolutionist and . . . thought he was speeding up the process of survival of the fittest . . . --author

Evolutionary thought encourages school curriculum materials that force young minds to choose who is fit to survive and who is unfit . . . --author

Science has conclusively proven that life is dying and the universe is running down.  The fossils are a record of death and extinction . . . of complex organisms that . . . no longer exist . . . --author

According to the Bible, man is a responsible creature.  One day he will give an account for his life's actions and motives.  But when man is viewed as the product of some vague purposeless evolutionary process, he is conveniently freed from all moral obligations and responsibility.  After all, he is merely an accident of nature, an intelligent animal at best.  --Scott Huse, "The Collapse of Evolution"

If evolution is true and man gradually evolved from more primitive creatures, language should get more and more simple the older it is said to be . . . . Early languages as Sumerian are so complex that only a handful of the most brilliant scholars can decipher them . . . --Walter Brown, "In the Beginning"

. . . evolution from one cell to man is not based on the scientific method and is therefore a faith system.  That means it is just as "religious" as belief in special creation . . . --author

. . . the macromolecule-to-cell transition is a jump of fantastic dimensions, which lies beyond the range of testable hypothesis . . . --Green and Goldbergen, "Molecular Insights into the Living Process"

 Man might look like a monkey and even act like a monkey, but he cannot take a blood transfusion from a             monkey. --author

The Myth of Creation as Viewed by the Environmental Protection Agency

God created the heaven and the earth.  Quickly He was faced with a class action suit for failure to file an environmental impact statement.  He was granted a temporary permit for the heavenly part ot the project, but was stymied with a cease and desist order for the earthly part.

Appearing at the hearing, God was asked why He began His earthly project in the first place.  He replied that He just liked to be creative!

The God said, "Let there be light" and immediately the officials demanded to know how the light would be made.  Would there be strip mining?  What about thermal pollution?  God explained that the light would come from a huge ball of fire.  God was granted permission to make light, assuming that no smoke would result from the ball of fire, and to conserve energy, the light would have to be out half of the time.  God agreed and said He would call the light, "Day," and the darkness, "Night."  The officials replied that they were not interested in semantics.

God said, "Let the earth bring forth herb and such as may seed."  The EPA agreed so long as native seed was used.  Then God said, "Let the waters bring for the creeping creatures having life; and the fowl that may fly over the earth"  Officials pointed out that this would require the approval of the Game and Fish Commission coordinate with the Heavenly Wildlife Federation and the Audubongelic Society.

Everything was okay until God said He wanted to complete the project in six days.  Officials said that it would take at least 100 days to review the application and impact statement.  After that there would be a public hearing.  Then there would be ten to twelve months before . . .

At this point, God created hell!   --M. B., Environmental Protection Agency

Chapter Four

Stephen Jay Gould

. . . how could a division of the organic world into discrete entities be justified by an evolutionary theory that proclaimed ceaseless change as the fundamental fact of nature?  --"Natural History," Vol. 88, Aug-Sept. 1979

All paleontologists know that the fossil record contains precious little in the way of intermediate forms; transitions between major groups are characteristically abrupt. --"Natural History," June-July 1977

. . . . We fancy ourselves as the only true students of life's history, yet to prepare our favoured account of evolution by natural selection we view our data as so bad that we never see the process we profess to study. --May, 1977

Ceaseless change in the fossils or living plants and animals does not appear to be . . . "the fundamental fact of nature."  --author

The remarkable fact is that all the physical evidence we have found for human evolution can still be placed, with room to spare, inside a single coffin!  --Dr. Lyall Watson, "Science Digest," March, 1987

. . . .Based upon the evolutionary series, we would expect some amphibians to be closer to fish (primitive species) and others to be closer to the reptiles (advanced species).  But this is not the case.  No matter what species are taken as the basis for companion, the distance between amphibians and fish, or between amphibians and reptiles, is always the same . . . . --Davis and Kenyon, "Of Pandas and People"

There is a total absence of partially inclusive or intermediate classes, and therefore, none of the groups, traditionally cited by evolutionary biologists as intermediate gives even the slightest hint of a supposedly transitional character. --Dr. Michael Denton, "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis"

Chapter Five

Nebraska Man was formed from a single tooth found in 1922.  In 1924, the skull was found and the tooth fit perfectly in the empty socket --it was a pig's tooth.  --author

The new investigations suggest that the fossil fragments are usually uniquely different from any living form; where they do have similarities with living species, they are as often as not reminiscent of the Orangutan. --Dr. Charles Oxnard, "Human Fossils: New Views of Old Bones"

. . . what is the probability that the last set of ape-parents would give birth to dizygotic twins (a male and a female) which could not only survive as the first non-ape human babies, but could reproduce offspring (male and female) which could again reproduce and on and on? --author

Assuming parents lived to the age of 35 and have children, roughly three billion people would have been produced in just the first thousand years!  "It begins to be glaringly evident that the human race cannot be very old." --Dr. Henry Morris, "Biblical Cosmology and Modern Science"

If man has been recognizable as man for thirty million years, fifteen million years or even 500,000 years, there should be hundreds of billions of fossils scattered in huge piles all over the earth. --author

Chapter Six

It is easier to live in the fantasy-land of evolution than in reality where we are separated from our Creator by our own unholiness and pride.  Life appears to be less complicated and more comfortable as we believe the lie of evolution. --author

Chapter Seven

Palm tree fossils have been found in Alaska and broad leaf ferns in the Arctic . . . . Some scientists have postulated they traveled there in the tectonic plate (earth crust) movements over millions of years . . . . But these trees are not millions of years old!  --author

The three to five inch long teeth of the T Rex have roots which are too short to support a meat-tearing, bond-crunching diet. --author

The giant flying reptiles such as the pterosaurs . . . would be unable to fly in our present atmosphere.  They needed a heavier atmosphere to get enough air to lift them with their forty to fifty foot wingspans.  Heaven and Earth #1 would have provided the heavier atmospheric pressure. --Peterson, "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation"

. . . human and dinosaur footprints have been found crisscrossing each other . . . are not "carved" into the riverbed and neither are the dinosaur prints . . . . These footprints are conclusive, hare, observable evidence that man and dinosaurs walked the earth simultaneously. --author

How could a "pre-historic" man or woman paint a picture of a dinosaur if he or she had never seen one? --author

Chapter Eight

Giant nine-ton mammoths have been discovered with undigested buttercups in their mouths and in their     stomachs which are still identifiable as to genus and species of the plant. --author

To quick-freeze nine tons of warm-blooded animal munching on buttercups, it would take a temperature of 175° , a wind-chill factor of a 200-400 MPH wind, over a time of about four hours (eight hours at the outside limit). --author

Chapter Nine

DNA is needed to make DNA.  DNA provides the instructions to the chemical factories inside the cell for making itself. --author

If we say that it is only by chance that they (mutations) are useful, we are still speaking too leniently.  In general, they are useless, detrimental or lethal. --Charles Darwin, "Introduction to the Origin of Species"

Neither observation or controlled experiment has shown natural selection manipulating mutations so as to produce a new gene, hormone, enzyme system or organ.  --Michael Pittman, "Adam and Evolution"

After having chided the theologian for his reliance on myth and miracle, science found itself in the unenviable position of having to create a mythology of its own . . . --Dr. Loren Eiseley (evolutionist), "The Immense Journey"

Much evidence can be adduced in favour of the theory of evolution, but I still think that, to the unprejudiced, the fossil record is in favour of special creation.  --Dr. E. J. H. Corner - Cambridge University

The geological record has so far provided no evidence as to the origin of the fishes . . . --J. R. norman, British Museum of Natural history.

Since the fossil material provides no evidence of other aspects of the transformation from fish to tetrapod, paleontologists have had to speculate how legs and aerial breathing evolved . . . --Barbara J. Stahl, "Vertebrate History: Problems in Evolution"

The [evolutionary] origin of birds is largely a matter of deduction.  There is no fossil evidence of the stages through which the remarkable change from reptile to bird was achieved. --W. E. Swinton, "The Origin of Birds"

Chapter Ten

Repetition is essential to brainwashing; and brainwashing is essential to belief in one-cell-to-man evolution.  Since there is no factual science to back it up.

Assuming the Creator had a purpose in His creation, and that purpose centered primarily in man, it does seem more appropriate that He would not waste aeons of time in essentially meaningless caretaking of an incomplete stage or stages of His intended creative work.  --Dr. Henry Morris

. . . . O and B stars are observed to have  huge dust clouds surrounding them.  If they were very old at all, every particle in close range would have been pulled in by now.

If you convert Euclidean straight line math into Riemannian curved math, light could travel from the farthest stars to earth in . . . 15.71 years! . . .

Scientists have been measuring the speed of light for over 300 years, and it appears to be slowing down.

[If the moon moves away from the earth two inches each year], if the earth is five billion years old, the moon should be out of sight by now!  --Dr. Dennis Peterson

All old ages given for the moon are not accurate because the assumptions of the dating techniques do not square with reality.

Three Assumptions in the dating process: 1) that the system is not open to question (a closed system); 2) that no original "daughter element" is present in the sample and, 3) that the decay rate for uranium has been the same from the beginning.

Ten thousand years ago [the earth's magnetic field] would have been too strong to support life . . . --T. G. Barnes, "Origin and Destiny of the Earth's Magnetic Field"

. . . the uranium/lead ratios in the Colorado Plateau coal formation indicate that this formation is only a few thousand years old.  --Robert V. Gentry, "Radiohalos in Coalified Wood," Science Magazine, Oct. 1976

. . . star clusters are traveling through space at supersonic speeds . . . . Scientists do not know how there star clusters could hold together for millions of years, while traveling at such high speeds.  They should have "unclustered" and moved apart by now.

. . . what geologists may have thought took thousands or hundreds of thousands of years to form as a column of rock in fact formed at Mount St. Helens, as the scientists watched, and in less than eleven years!

. . . . trees in Spirit Lake are lining up and getting buried in what should be sedimentary rock . . . [in] less than fourteen years . . . not hundreds of thousands of years!

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