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Crime and Punishment

British Census of 1881 --- Rate of Convictions

 Native Christians ----------  1 in 799
        Buddhists --------------------  1 in 3787

    The Tablet  (A Catholic organ in Britain)

. . . a magnificent tribute to the exalted purity of Buddhism . . . . It appears from these figures that while we effect a marked moral deterioration in the natives by converting them to our creed, their natural standard of morality is so high that, however much we Christianize them, we cannot succeed in making them altogether as bad as ourselves.

H. P. Blavatsky

[They] slew their victims, in most cases, without giving them time to repent, or call on Jesus to wash them clean with his blood.  [The victim] perhaps, died sinful, and, of course, -consistently with theological logic- met the reward of their greater or lessor offenses.  But the murderer . . . pronounces the charmed words of conversion, and goes to the scaffold a redeemed child of Jesus!  Except for the murder, he would not have been prayed with, redeemed, pardoned.  Clearly, this man did well to murder. . .

                            The Key to Theosophy

The chief point is to uproot that most fertile source of all crime and immorality –the belief that it is possible for them to escape the consequences of their own actions.

Buddha             The Mahavagga (Vinaya Pitka)

. . . thirty young Brahmin Youths ask the Buddha whether he has seen a woman who ran away from them after she robbed one of them: “What is better, young men, to look for the woman or to look for your own self? . . . they abandon everything and accept him as their teacher.

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