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Discovering Your Past Lives
By Gloria Chadwick
Contemporary Books, Chicago     ISBN 0-8092-4546-9

The Author has taught for eighteen years on mind power, psychic awareness, and reincarnation.  She has helped hundreds of students with past-life regressions.
Touted as "The best book on reincarnation you'll ever read . . . in this lifetime,"  --by the author, no doubt-- this small volume (217 pages) packs a lot of method inside, using a terse but clear style.  The author repeats herself, purposely perhaps, but to the point of beating a dead horse.  Failing as a classic, the book, nonetheless has value for those who are determined to invade their past to see what they can see.

Using the "Alpha" state and various relaxation and meditation techniques, the author practically guarantees her method will enable the reader to experience their past lives for the purpose of "balancing karma."  One must keep a journal and fill out  a rather inclusive questionnaire in order to learn what karma it is that needs balancing.  The "rainbow" relaxation technique prepares the reader for the Alpha state which then makes it possible to use word association, reverie, mind projections, etc., in order to attain the "golden key to inner knowledge, a prize necessary for past life dalliance.  Be sure to observe the customary warnings!

Part One: Beginnings

1. Reincarnation and its relationship to you,  2. The process of remembering your past lives,  3. How to find your past-life memories,  4. What to do when you find them,  5. The journey begins.

Spontaneous recall of a memory occurs when a present situation or feeling connects with a similar past-life experience.

Your beliefs and feelings support and structure your perceptions about what you experience with your past-life memories, and will help you understand both the process and purpose of reincarnation and the immortality of your soul.

Part Two: Explorations and Adventures

6. Deja Vu,  7. Imagery: the language of your mind,  8. Imagination: the world of your inner images,  9. Looking in the present to find the past,  10. Dreams: pictures of your past-lives,  11. Separate Selves and Spirituality,  12. Visiting the visions of your past-lives.

Your current lifestyle will show you how the past is continually influencing you, and the framework of your life in general will reveal many clues by giving you an overall and in-depth picture.

Lucid dreaming opens up a channel of communication between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind . . . . You can program yourself to have lucid dreams about your past-lives.

Once you've created your inner sanctuary, you can go there . . . to open up your past-life memories and see how they're reflected in your present emotions and experiences.

Your High Self is a universal channel of knowledge, awareness and light and is a link to your spirituality.

Your soul is the essence of all that you are and is the energy and awareness that comprises you.

There could be a few terrible things lurking in the shadows from the past just waiting to haunt you . . . . It is of utmost importance that you protect yourself from past-life pain or trauma.

Part Three: Karma

13. Before birth,  14. The Law of Karma,  15. You land the people in your life,  16. Paying the IOU's from the past,  17. Balancing your karma.

Everything in your present life was created by you before birth . . . . The only thing you do not choose is the outcome of what you agree to experience.

As you accept responsibility for your karma, you give yourself the power balance your karma.

Fate is your free will surfacing in the present time and offering you the choice of following through or of not honoring the premises made before birth.

There are no such things as accidents, chance or coincidence.  If an accident occurs it was done on purpose.  Everything happens for a reason.  The very nature of karma strives for balance.

There three different kinds of soul mates.  Each has unique characteristics that make them unmistakable from other people in your life.

If you hang onto something once you've finished with it, you only hurt yourself and possibly others, and you prevent yourself from enjoying what you've accomplished.

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