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Manu     The Laws of Manu

(If you ask) whether among all these virtuous actions, (performed) here below, (there be) one which has been declared more efficacious (than the rest) for securing supreme happiness to man, (the answer is that the knowledge of the Self is stated to be the most excellent among them . . .

Kapila    The Sankya Philosophy of Kapila

. . . . The destruction of non-discrimination and its effects is emancipation . . . . It is only by discrimination and self-knowledge that emancipation is obtained.

D. T. Suzuki   The Mahayama School of Buddhism

. . . . Enlightenment is seeing the absolute ego reflected in the relative ego and acting through it.

                      The Essence of Buddhism

Enlightenment is not a mere personal affair which does not concern the community at large; its background is laid in the universe itself. . . . It requires a long preparation, not of one life but of many lives . . .

. . . . This very fact of our being aware of the karma-bondage is the spiritual privilege of humanity . . . . We must make full use of it, and, accepting the karma-bondage as far as it extends, resolutely face all forms of suffering and thereby qualify ourselves for transcending them.

Buddha         Sangita Sutta

. . . . Him I call a Brahaman who knows the mystery of death and rebirth of all beings, who is free from attachment, who is happy within himself and enlightened . . .

 Brethren, in this world, one comes into existence in the motherís womb knowingly, stays in it knowingly, and comes out from it knowingly; this is the fourth [birth].

Hui Neng    The Sutra of Hui Neng

The kingdom of Buddha is in this world, within which enlightenment is to be sought . . . . Enlightened by Right views, we call forth the Budda within us . . . . Each has to deliver himself by means of his own Essence Mind . . .

Tson-Kha-Pa    Lam-Rim-Chen-Mo

Generosity . . . is the best weapon for cutting the selfish knot of miserliness.  It is the basis of the enlightened conduct of the Bodhisattvas in that it develops the selflessness and undaunted courage to help all sentient beings toward enlightenment . . . .

J. W. Von Goethe

Man is the dialogue between nature and God.  On other planets this dialogue will doubtless be of a higher and profounder character.  What is lacking is Self Knowledge.  After that the rest will follow.

S. Radhakrishnan   An Idealistic View of  Life

The world process reaches its consummation when every man knows himself to be the immortal Spirit . . . . Till this goal is reached, each saved individual is the center of the Universal Consciousness . . .

Christmas Humphreys  Karma and Rebirth

The price of entry on the Path with open eyes . . . is an immediate testing . . . . Those who survive these apparent testings find themselves at the entrance to a path whose end is self-enlightenment, and so on this path, the first step is to live to benefit mankind . . . . Until the illusion of a separated soul is finally transcended and, in the death of Self, we reach Enlightenment.

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