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Computing Tips
Internet Explorer

PROBLEM: You'd like to search and review Web pages faster despite a slow dial-up connection.

SOLUTION: Use multiple browser windows. When a page includes several interesting links (such as the results page from a search engine), don't click on one link, wait for the page to load, hit the Back button, then click on the next link. Instead, right-click on a link and, with the mouse button still pressed, select Open in New Window (the option exists in both Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator). The linked page now appears in a separate browser window.

PROBLEM: Whenever you start Internet Explorer, a folder called Links appears in your Favorites menu. You delete Links, but it reappears the next time you launch the browser. Is it possible to remove it completely?

SOLUTION: Favorites saved in the Links folder appear on the Links toolbar in Internet Explorer (View, Toolbars, Links). Subfolders appear as folder icons on the Links toolbar; clicking on one displays its contents as a drop-down list.

Though the Links folder (C:\Windows\Favorites\Links) cannot be deleted permanently, you can rename or effectively hide it. First, exit IE. Then, in Windows Explorer, right-click on the Links folder and select Properties. In the Properties dialog box check the Hidden option under Attributes. Restart IE. The Links entry is absent from your Favorites menu, though Favorites saved in the Links folder or any subfolders will still appear on the Links

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