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Just for Laughs

Take a Seat

This fellow wants to live FOREVER, and at his death (he has an incurable disease) he wants his body frozen, to be thawed out at some later date and cured..  About a year later he dies... and his body is carefully prepared and quickly frozen as per his wishes...

 He, in the mean time, gets to Heaven, sees St Peter at the Pearly Gates, he is standing in line, waiting to get in, and pretty soon, it's his turn... St Peter asks his name, and the man tells him. Peter looks in his book, and says, take a seat.....

 The next person in line gives his name, and Peter tells him to go on in.... This goes on for hundreds of people, and in the mean time, the man is sitting on this bench, along with  3-4 other people, wondering WHY can he not get in???

FINALLY, he can't stand it any longer, and goes and butts back in line, and demands to know WHY can he not get into heaven like all those other people...  St Peter asks his name again, looks it up in his book, and says..  You died of a rare brain tumor, and had your body frozen, didn't you?   Yes, says the man... FINE, says St Peter... In the year 2389, they will find a cure for that form of tumor, thaw you out, fix it, and wake you up.... TAKE A SEAT....

Submitted by Shiva

The Report Card

A high school student showed his report card to his father.  Examining the report carefully, the father was dismayed to find a string of low marks.  "Why are your grades so bad?" he sternly demanded.  The boy offhandedly replied,
"Guess it's just my karma, Dad."  Whereupon Dad gave the boy a hard slap.  "Why did you hit me?" his son protested.  "Because that's my karma," answered the father.

Philip Kapleau  (The Wheel of Life and Death)

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