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Love, Compassion, Friendship

Sir Edwin Arnold       The Light of Asia
. . . Such is the Law which moves to righteousness,
Which none at last can turn aside or stay;
The heart of it is Love, the end of it
Is peace, consummation sweet.  Obey! . . .

Giuseppe Mazzini       The Life of Mazzini   by Bolton King

. . . love would be a mockery, if it did not last beyond the grave . . .

Maurice Maeterlinck       The Treasure of the Humble

Perhaps [human beings] do not yet know what the words "to love" means . . . It is a thing that lies a thousand fathoms deeper, where our softest, swiftest, strongest words cannot reach it.  At moments we might believe it to be a recollection, furtive but excessively keen, of the great primitive unity . . . . The souls of all our brethren are ever hovering about us, craving for a caress, and only waiting for the signal.

Robert Frost       Birches

. . . Earth's the right place for love: I don't know where it's likely to go better.

Raymond A. Moody, Jr.       Life after Life

. . . the light . . . was a being, a being of light . . . a personal being.  It has a definite personality.  The love and the warmth which emanate from this being to the dying person are utterly beyond words, and he feels completely surrounded by it and taken up in it . . .

John Ellis McTaggart       Some Dogmas of Religion

. . . if memory does not survive death, it will be impossible for love to occur in any life in which people do not meet . . . the probability of meeting friends in another life would be too small to be regarded . . .

Ghandi       Letters

. . . I cannot think of permanent enmity between man and man, and believing as I do in the theory of rebirth, I live in the hope that if not in this birth, in some other birth I shall be able to hug all humanity in friendly embrace.

William Q. Judge       The Ocean of Theosophy

Love, the master of life, if real, pure, and deep will sometimes cause the happy ego in devachan to affect those left on earth for their good . . .

H. P. Blavatsky       . . . Pure divine love is not merely the blossom of a human heart, but has its roots in eternity . . . Love beyond the grave, illusion though you may call it, has a magic . . . potency which reacts on the living.  A mother's ego filled with love for the imaginary children it sees near itself [in devachan], living a life of happiness, as real to it as when on earth --that love will always be felt by the children in flesh.  It will manifest in their dreams, and often in various events --in providential protections and escapes, for love is a strong shield, and is not limited by space or time . . . and karma brings sooner or later all those who loved each other with such a spiritual affection to incarnate once more in the same family group.
Roshi Philip Kapleau         The Wheel of Life and Death

If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come.   --Chinese Proverb

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else: you are the one who gets burned.   --Buddha

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