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Meditation and Prayer

                 Prayer for Healing

Father of all there is, Ruler of my soul,
I've a favor to ask on behalf of whom you know.
My Beloved is suffering from pain and distress,
And You know she's a Saint, no more, no less.

I know not what she did to deserve it, if anything.
I just know she's the Queen of my Heart, and I, her King
So God, when you get a minute, listen to my plea.
Take the affliction away from her and put it on me.

Copyright © 2000 dtgosnell

           For a Sleepless Daughter

Father of all there is, Master of my fate,
I need your help again.  As you can see, it's late,
And my Little One's fighting sleep with all her heart;
She's tossing and turning and needs a jump-start.

We've said our prayers ten times, now, as you can attest,
But for all that, she still can't get her rest.
So God, would you kind of help us with our little trouble?
Get in touch with the Sandman and send him on the double.

Copyright © 2000 dtgosnell

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