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M i n d           M i n d

Dr. J. B. Rhine  Journal of Parapsychology

Is it discover certain capacities of mind that appear to operate beyond the boundaries of space and time within which our sensorial, bodily system has to live and move?

Victor Hugo      Contemplations

...I saw that the mind was storming the soul, in some terrible rebellious war --an of thought, of passion, of desire....I could not comprehend the war, nor guess what it was that the mind demanded the soul to yield. Only the distinction between the two was made intelligible by their antagonism...

Dr. Wilder Penfield       The Mystery of the Mind

...the mind must be viewed as a basic element itself....It has a continuing existence....When it no longer has its special connection to the brain [as during sleep or death], it exists in the silent intervals and takes over control when the highest brain mechanism does go into action.

To expect the highest brain-mechanism or any set of reflexes, however complicated, to carry out what the mind does, and thus perform all the functions of the mind, is quite absurd.

H. T. Buckle    History of Civilization

...The Cycles of Matter will be succeeded by Cycles of Spirituality and fully developed mind...

A. P. Sinnett    Esoteric Buddhism

...There is but one real man, enduring through the cycles of life and immortal in essence, if not in form, and this is
manas, the mind-man or embodied consciousness. -HPB

The real man...spirit and mind... uses certain agents and instruments to get in touch with nature in order to know himself...

W. Q. Judge    The Ocean of Theosophy

...During mortal life the desires and passions are guided by the mind and soul...

No act is performed without a thought at its root either at the time of performance or as leading to it. These thoughts are loaded in that part of man which we have called manas-the mind, and there remain as subtle but powerful leans with magnetic threads that enmesh the solar system...

...evolution having brought manas the thinker and immortal person onto this plane, cannot send him back to the brute which has not manas....Manas the thinker...does not return to baser forms; first because he does not wish to, and second, because he cannot.

...who gave the mind, where did it come from, and what is it? It is the link between the spirit of god above and the personal below...

...the complete trinity of Atma-Buddhi manas does not yet fully incarnate in this race, they use and occupy the body by means of the entrance of manas, the lowest of the three, and the other two shine upon it from above, constituting the God in Heaven.

H. P. Blavatsky      The Key to Theosophy

...consciousness. or mind is...manas...the real individuality...which having originally incarnated in the senseless human form...made of that human-like form a real man...

Hui Neng    The Sutra of Hui Neng

...It is because of the delusion under which our mind works that we fail to realize it [enlightenment] ourselves, and that we have to seen the advice and the guidance of enlightenment ones before we can know our own essence of mind....

A. Bronson Alcott       Concord Days

...we are won't to date our birth, as that of the babes we christen, from the body's advent... as if time and space could chronicle the periods of the immortal mind.

Christmas Humphreys       Karma and Rebirth

...the habit of good deeds will purify the mind, and prepare it for greater widening of its scope.

C. E. M. Joad       What is the Soul

...The higher mind is that which reincarnates periodically... while its reflected double, changing with every new incarnation and personality, is, therefore, conscious but for a life-period

Carl C. Jung    Memories, Dreams, Reflections

...You know, of course, that a small child has no clearly defined sense of the ego....nevertheless, it has been proven that small children have dreams in which the ego is clearly defined, just as it is in mature people....if from a physiological point of view, the child has no ego, what is it in the child which produces these dreams, dreams which, I may add, affect him for the rest of his life..?

Bassui Tokusho        Sermon on One-Mind

Mind is the essential substance of all Buddhas, his Face before his parent's birth.  It is the master of seeing and hearing, of all senses.  One who fully realizes this is a Buddha, one who does not is an ordinary human being.  All Buddhas and Patriarchs point directly to the human mind so man can see his own Self-nature and thereby attain Buddhahood . . .

Milarepa (Buddhist)        The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa

The omnipresent mind resembles Space: It never separates from the Realm of the Unborn . . . . The nature of mind is the Illuminating Essence . . . . It is never born and it never dies . . .

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