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Computer Tips
Netscape Browser

Mark It on Your Calendar

You can access Netscape Netcenter's Calendar service right from your browser. Just click the calendar icon at the bottom left corner of the interface (the rectangular icon with the numbers in it), and you'll be taken directly to the calendar login page.

PROBLEM: You'd like to search and review Web pages faster despite a slow dial-up connection.

SOLUTION: Use multiple browser windows. When a page includes several interesting links (such as the results page from a search engine), don't click on one link, wait for the page to load, hit the Back button, then click on the next link. Instead, right-click on a link and, with the mouse button still pressed, select Open in New Window (the option exists in both Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator). The linked page now appears in a separate browser window.

Stay tuned for more in the weeks to come.

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