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Outline for the Smoking Class

Week One

I.       Rules – write these in the “rules” section.

1.      Smoke your last cigarette of the day one hour before going to sleep.

2.      Wait one hour after you wake in the morning before smoking your first cigarette.

II.      Repeat the following affirmation three times before going to bed and getting up.

“I am well and will succeed in my smoking course.”

III.    Think of six reasons you believe people should quit smoking cigarettes.  Upload these reasons on the assignment page.

Week Two

I.       Rules – write these in the “rules” section of your notebook.

1.      No smoking while talking on the phone.

2.      No smoking in the bathroom.

II.     Get a picture of the lungs from a book or the library.  Each night before you go to bed, look at the picture and repeat the affirmation, “My lungs look like that” three times.

III.     If you are a heavy smoker, cut back to one each hour, on the hour.  If you are a light smoker, smoke a cigarette on the even hours.  Write your choice in the “rules” section of your notebook and upload your choice as an assignment.

IV.     Think of six situations or events where you automatically light up.  Upload those events with your assignment.