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How to Pray
Psychic Healing for the Masses


All religions believe in the power of prayer, but few people understand the mechanics of the process, few understand why prayers work for some and seemingly not for others.  Most Westerners believe that people of the East either pray to a graven image or do not pray at all.  Both statements are untrue, and I am going to tell you now how you can remove prayer from the realm of mysticism and superstition and use it to help others, for prayer is a very real thing indeed.  It is one of the greatest forces on this Earth when used as it was intended to be used.

Most religions have a belief that each person has a Guardian Angel or someone who looks after him.  That also is true, but the Guardian Angel is oneself, the other self, the other self which is at the other side of life.  Very, very few people can see this angel, this Guardian of theirs, while they are on the Earth, but those who can are able to describe it in detail.

This Guardian (we must call it something, so let us call it a Guardian) has not a material body such as we have on Earth.  It appears to be ghostly; sometimes a clairvoyant will see it as a blue scintillating figure larger than life-size and connected to the flesh body by what is known as the Silver Cord that Cord which pulses and listens with life as it conveys messages from one to the other.  This Guardian has not a body such as that of Earth, but it is still able to do things the Earth body can do, with the addition that it can do very many more things which the Earth body cannot.  For example, the Guardian can go to any part of the world in a flash.  It is the Guardian which does astral traveling and relays back to the body through the Silver Cord that which is needed.

When you pray, you pray to yourself, to your other self, to your Greater Self.  If we knew properly how to pray we should send those prayers through the Silver Cord, because the telephone line we use is a very faulty sort of instrument indeed, and we have to repeat ourselves in order to make sure that the message gets through.   So when you pray, speak as you would speak through a very long distance telephone line, speak with absolute clarity, and actually think of what you are saying.  The fault, I should add, lies with us here on this world, lies with the imperfect body we have on this world, the fault is not in our Guardian.  Pray in simple language making sure that your requests are always positive.

Having framed your prayer to be absolutely positive and to be absolutely clear of any possibility of misunder- standing, repeat that prayer perhaps three times.  Let us take an example; suppose, for instance, that you have a person who is ill and suffering, and you want to do something about it you should pray for the relief of that person's suffering.  You should pray three times saying exactly the same thing each time.  You should visualize that shadowy figure, that insubstantial figure, actually going to the house of the other person, following the route which you would follow yourself, entering the house and laying hands on that person and so effecting a cure. . . repeat that as many times as re necessary and, if you really believe, then there will be an improvement.
Developing a Monumental Memory


Lobsang Rampa
High Lama of  Tibet