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Original Quotations

Philosophy is calling a Stinkweed a Rose in hopes of improving its aroma. 
                                            --Copyright © 2000 dtgosnell
Of exreme importance is the focus on the moment.  The distant, purple mountain majesty may take your breath away; but the automobile directly ahead of you can, in a split second, remove the necessity for breathing altogether.
--Copyright © 2000 dtgosnell
When man finally realizes he is but a gnat in the face of Knowledge, he begins to understand the true nature of Wisdom. -- Copyright © 2000 dtgosnell
Instinct is a remnant of man's crude beginnings carried over from far memory by the vehicles of physical evolution and spiritual assimilation. --Copyright© 2000 dtgosnell
The purpose of life. . . . is to discover each life's purpose. -- Copyright © 2000 TEB
Denial of death turns a blind eye towards the grieving masses and a personal loss into a surprisingly devastating tragedy.  --Copyright © 2000 dtgosnell
If Truth is the main dish in the feast of Life,  Myth supplies the condiments.

                                --Copyright © 2000 dtgosnell
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