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Research Resource Center
Captures references and formats and organizes bibliographies. Provides a manual and a tour of the software.

Bibliographic Software for Researchers, ScholarlyWriters, Students, and Librarians to Search, Organize, Generate, and Publish Bibliography!

Bookends Plus 6:
With Bookends you can easily import references from hundreds of online sources (even import references from the clipboard, or directly from Medline on BioMedNet), create bibliographies that meet the most exacting requirements, attach associated files (pdf files, pictures, scanned images, etc.) to references for immediate viewing, and even allow others, on any platform, to retrieve, add, or edit references in your databases via the World Wide Web

The Bookkeeper:
BookKeeper is a citation tool for writing papers. It currently formats bibliographies and endnotes in the MLA style and also formats outlines. Additional styles are available as plug-ins. All you supply is the information, and BookKeeper will add in the punctuation and other details.

Citation is a powerful, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use bibliographic database system designed by academics for academic research and writing. With Citation, you will never have to retype a reference again or sit in the middle of a room shuffling notecards.

"Much of the pain of doing a bibliographic literature search is eased with EndNote 3.0. [...] EndNote 3.0 is an invaluable addition to any word-processing software used for scientific publications."
–SCIENCE, July 3, 1998 Vol. 281 

Library Master:
The Library Master bibliographic and textual database manager makes it easy to manage bibliographic information. Library Master automatically formats the bibliography, footnotes and citations for your paper, thesis or book. It makesit easy to organize research notes and project records. Create an inexpensive online catalog for any collection of books, periodicals, audio-visuals, corporate documents and other materials. 

  • Store and cross-link your references, notes and graphic images 
  • Import bibliographic references from anywhere 
  • Instantly locate references by any field 
  • Combine with your word processor to produce perfectly-formatted manuscripts and bibliographies 
  • Link your references to the Internet 

Personal Bibliography Software:
So you want to maintain your reprint file index (or your thesis bibliography, or your personal library catalogue) on computer instead of 3X5 cards? While it is possible to use MS Access, AskSam, WATFILE, Filemaker, FoxPro, or dbase, none of these programs make it easy to do some of the things that can be done with the specifically designed bibliographic software. Some features that come to mind are at this site.

  • Manage references of journal articles, books, patents, reports, software, hardware, video, clips, and more. New reference types can be easily defined; 
  • Store bibliographic information, keywords, abstracts, notes, and more, with each reference. Quickly define your own fields; 
  • Search, sort, mark, and print references; 
  • Attach graphics and documents to references; 
  • Export references to your favorite word processor in a particular journal format, including required text styles (italic, bold, underline). Export to files or the clipboard. Interactively define an unlimited number of new journal formats; 
  • Import references from databases, on-line services, or other programs. Export references to other programs. Define new database formats. 
  • And many more ... 

  • Use ProCite 5 to Search PubMed and Hundreds of Internet Databases
  • Search PubMed and use automated links to return to the PubMed record. Choose from a list of over 200 Internet libraries (Z39.50 sites) and add new sites. Search numerous Internet libraries simultaneously. Save search strategies for easy updating. 
  • Save Time with the New Cite While You Write Features
  • See the full record, including the abstract, when selecting from multiple matches 
  • Click sort on column headings to locate a reference when selecting from multiple matches 
  • Locate unlinked citations in your document 
  • Select from any of your last ten citation searches to quickly bring up the results of a previous search 
  • Use with Microsoft Word 2000, 97, and 7 and Corel WordPerfect 9, 8, and 7. 

Reference Web Poster:
  • Post and Search Databases on the Web
  • Post personal reference collections on the Web from Reference Manager®, ProCite®, and EndNote® 
  • Colleagues search and export references into their own reference managers 
  • Easy-to-use, no programming or database conversions required 

Flyswat Personal Agent:
Turns any word on your screen, whether you are on the Web or off, into links to related information. 

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