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State of Mind

The cause of everything is state of mind.  Without MIND, there can be no reality, since reality, or what we will to be reality, must have a cause greater than itself, for reality cannot arise or exist without a creator, which turns out to be the beneficiary of its own creation.

State of MIND is forever "being."  It is a continuous flow of thought moments not subject to the space-time continuum.  Our state of mind, at any specific instance in the physical nature, enables us to experience the wide range of illusions we have projected in answer to our desire for mortal existence.  Physical mind maintains those illusions.  Spiritual MIND is a different assertion.

MIND is the "crux of the matter," the initial impulse as well as the final heartbeat of all phenomenal and noumenal  states of awareness.  Nothing can "be," much less "become," without the presence of MIND.  It is the self-defining rootless cause of all creation and the ultimate State returned to at the terminus of each of our forays into the dream world of terrestrial function.

State of mind answers the question of spiritual form.  The requirements of space, time and location all fall away once MIND is added to the mix.  Wispy willows of astral ghosts retreat in terror at the command of Soul, the Mental Essence, so sought after by the neophyte and potential master alike, but rarely found owing to lack of physical substance.  Without form, a concept lingers in mystery and keeps the ego in a dither as it tries to make heads or tails of the Soul's mystique.

Our ego performs admirably in its prescribed functions.  With a complex repertory of defense mechanisms and a voracious appetite for power, our ego keeps us out of the business of self-injury, provides access to a limited mental faculty, oversees the various anatomical systems and provides the coordination for success in our daily activities. Bur for all that, the ego turns out to be its own worst enemy when our demands to go past the crust of outer awareness in search of inner wisdom exceeds its willingness to serve.  In the presence of MIND, the ego transmogrifies from King Kong to Dr. Jekyl, tucks tail and whimpers along the trail of somewhere to hide.

This loathe for its origin from fear of demise forces the ego to devise extreme protective measures to ensure survival in a scheme where survival is not an option.  Therein lies the problem.  A self-effacing corporal agent, with its eye on antecedents who invariably perished, makes war  on its Creator.  The Creator, faithfully committed to its purpose of spiritual growth, continues the line of egos for new bodies in hopes, perhaps, that one of them will retract its fangs and shine through on the positive end of the moral spectrum.  At that time MIND merges with mind in perfected enlightenment.

Copyright © June 2000 dtgosnell

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