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Darshan:  the blessing that flows from the mere sight of a saint.

Deist: One who admits the possibility of the existence of a God or gods, but claims to know nothing of either and denies revelation; an agnostic of olden times.

Deva (Sans): A god; a "resplendent" deity, Deva-Deus, from the root div, "to shine."  A Deva is a celestial being -whether good, bad or indifferent- which inhabits "the three worlds," or the three planes above us.  There are 33 groups or millions of them.

Devachan (Sans): The "Dwelling of the Gods:"  A state intermediate between two earth-lives, and into which the Ego (Atma-Buddhi-Manas, or the Trinity made one) enters after its separation from Kama Rupa, and the disintegration of the lower principles, after the death of the body on earth.

Dhammapada (Sans): A work containing various aphorisms from the Buddhist Scriptures.

Dhyana (Sans): One of the six Paramitas of perfection; a state of abstraction which carries the ascetic practising it far above the region of sensuous perception and out of the world of matter; Lit: "Contemplation."  The six stages of Dhyan differ only in the degrees of abstraction of the personal Ego from sensuous life.

Dhyan Chohans (Sans): Lit., "The Lords of Light."  The highest gods, answering to the Roman Catholic Archangels.  The divine Intelligences charged with the supervision of Kosmos.

Diksha:  spiritual initiation.

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Ectasis (Grk): A psycho-spiritual state; a physical trance which induces clairvoyance, and a beatific state which brings on visions.

Ego (Lat): " I  "; the consciousness in man of the " I am I, " or the feeling of I-am-ship.  Esoteric philosophy teaches the existence of two Egos in man, the mortal or personal, and the higher, the divine or impersonal, calling the former "personality," and the latter "individuality."

Egoity: " Individuality " -indifferent- never " personality," as it is the opposite of egoism or "selfishness," the characteristic par excellence  of the latter.

Egyptian Book of the Dead: one of several ancient Egyptian texts dealing with death and the hereafter.

Eidolon (Grk): The human phantom; the astral form

Elementals: Spirits of the Elements. The creatures evolved in the Four Kingdoms, or Elements --earth, air, fire and water; all the lower invisible beings generated on the fifth, sixth and seventh planes of our terrestrial atmosphere are called Elementals --Peris, Devs, Djins, Sylvans, Satyrs, Fauns, Elves, Dwarfs, Trolls, Norns, Kobolds, Brownies, Nixies, Goblins, Pinkies, Banshees, Moss People, White Ladies, Spooks, Fairies, etc.

Eleusinia: The Eleusinian Mysteries were the most famous and the most ancient of all the Greek Mysteries (Save the Samothracian), and were performed near the hamlet of Eleusis, not far from Athens.  The Sacrifice of "Bread and Wine" was performed both in the Eleusinian and during the Hebrew  "Feast of Tabernacles."

Emanation: A doctrine opposed to evolution, yet one with it.  Science teaches that, physiologically, evolution is a mode of generation in which the germ that develops the fetus pre-exists already in the parent, the development and final form and characteristics of that germ being accomplished by nature; and that (as in its cosmology) the process takes place blindly, through the correlation of the elements and their various compounds.  Occultism teaches that this is only the apparent mode, the real process being Emanation, guided by intelligent forces under an immutable Law; the Emanationist believes that nothing can be evolved --or, as the word means, unwombed or born-- except it has first been involved, thus indicating that life is from a spiritual potency above the whole.

Enlightenment, Self-realization, Awakening: Spiritual awareness of one's True-nature and to the Truth lying beyond all dualism and discrimination.

ESP:  extrasensory perception.

Esoteric: Hidden, secret.  From the Greek esotericos, "inner," concealed

Esoteric Buddhism: Secret wisdom or intelligence, from the Greek esotericos, and the Sanskrit, Buddhi, knowledge.

Essential Nature:  see True-nature

Euthanasia:  the art of causing death painlessly to end suffering.

Exoteric: Outward, public; the opposite of esoteric or hidden.

Extra-Cosmic: A nonsensical word invented to assert the existence of a personal god independent of or outside Nature per se; for as Nature, or the Universe, is infinite and limitless there can be nothing outside it.

Eurasians: The mixed colored races; the children of the white fathers and the dark mothers of India, and vice versa.

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