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Fakir:  a Moslem yogi.

Ferho (Gnostic): The highest and greatest creative power with the Nazarene Gnostics.

Five Philosophers: The name given to the Hermeticists and Alchemists of the Middle Ages, and also to the Rosicru-
cians.  For the Hermeticist or Rosicrucian, when a flame is extinct on the objective plane, it has only passed from the seen world into the unseen; from the knowable to the unknowable.

Five Aggregates, Five Skandhas:  form, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness.

Four Noble Truths:  (1)  the Universality of Suffering;  (2)  the Causes of Suffering;  (3)  the Cessation of Suffering;  (4)  the Path leading to the Cessation of Suffering.

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Ganes:  god of good fortune.

Gautama: The sacerdotal name of the Sakya family; Prince of Kapilavastu, son of Sudhodna, rose to Buddha-ship through his own personal and unaided merit.

Gebirol: Saloman Ben Jehudah, called Avicebron; an Israelite philosopher, poet and Kabalist; a voluminous writer and a mystic.

Gnosis (Grk): Lit., "knowledge." The technical term used by the schools of religious philosophy, both before and during the first centuries of Christianity, to denote the object of their enquiry.

Gnostics: The philosophers who formulated and taught the "Gnosis," or knowldege.  They flourished in the first three centuries of the Christian Era.

Golden Age: The ancients divided the life cycle into the Golden, Silver, Bronze and Iron Ages.  The Golden was an age of primeval purity, simplicity and general happiness.

Great Age: An "age" lasts through a period of  311,040,000,000,000 years: after which the Pralaya or dissolution of the universe becomes universal.

Guhya Vidya (Sans): The secret knowledge of mystic-mantras.

Gupta Vidya (Sans): Same as Guhya Vidya; esoteric or secret science, knowledge.

Guru:  spiritual teacher; dispeller of darkness.

Gurudeva:  divine teacher; illumined teacher.

Gyges: A Lydian, who, after murdering the king Candaules, married his widow