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Nazarene Codex: The Scriptures of the Nazarenes and of the Nabotheans also.  According to sundry Church Fathers, Jerome and Epiphanius especially, they were heretical teachings, but are in fact one of the numerous Gnostic readings of cosmogony and theogony, which produced a distinct sect.

Necromancy: The raising of the images of the dead, considered in antiquity and by modern occultists as a practice of Black Magic. Moses condemned the "witches" of his day to death, the said witches being often only mediums; e.g., the case of the Witch of Endor and Samuel.

Neoplatonists: A school of philosophy which arose between the second and third century of our era, and was founded by Ammonius Saccas of Alexandria. The same as the Philalethians and the Analogeticists; they were also called Theurgists and by various other names.  They were the Theosophists of the early centuries.  Neo-Platonism is Platonic philosophy plus ecstasy, divine Raj-yoga.

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Nephesh (Heb): "Breath of Live, Anima Vitae, appetites.  It generally means Prana, life; in the Kabbalah it is the animal passions and the animal soul. Therefore, as maintained in theosophical teachings, Nephesh is the Prana-Kamic Principle, or the vital animal soul in man.

Nirmanakaya (Sans): a kind of Nirvanic condition during which consciousness and form are retained; one of the Trikaya (three bodies) with "the power of assuming any form of appearance in order to propagate Buddhism;"  the incarnate avatara of a deity; an Adept who chooses a life of self-sacrifice, an existence which ends only with the life-cycle, in order to help mankind in an invisible, yet most effective, manner; a member of that invisible Host which ever protects and watches over humanity within Karmic limits; guardian angel.

Nirvâna (Sans): extinction of ignorance or craving, and awakening to inner peace and freedom.  Nirvâna (with a small  "n") stands against samsâra, that is, birth and death; the utter extinction of existence; a state of absolute existence and absolute consciousness, into which the Ego of a man who had reached the highest degree of perfection and holiness during life, goes after the body dies, and occasionally, as is the case of Gautama Buddha and others, during life.

Nirvanee (Sans): An emancipated Soul.

Noble Eightfold Path:  the Buddha's formula leading to awakening.

Noumena (Grk): The true essential nature of Being as distinguished from the illusive objects of sense.

Nous (Grk): A Platonic term for the Higher Mind or Soul.  It means Spirit as distinct from anima-Soul,  Psyche;  divine consciousness or mind in man.

Nout (Egp): the "One-only-One," because it does not proceed in the popular or exoteric religion higher than the third manifestation which radiates from the Unknowable and the Unknown in the esoteric philosophy of every nation. The Nous  of Anaxagoras was the Mahat of the Hindus --Brahma, the first manifested deity-- "the Mind or spirit Self-potent."

Occult Sciences: The science of the secrets of nature --physical and psychic, mental and spiritual; called Hermetic and Esoteric Sciences; in the East, mysticism, magic and Yoga philosophy.

Occultist: One who practices Occultism, an adept in the Secret Sciences, but very often applied to a mere student.

Om (Sans), also spelled Aum: a sound symbol of the energy powering the universe, the energy of which all things are a manifestation; an object of religious meditation to harness energies for healing or enlightenment purposes.

Oneness:  with a small "o," absorption to the point of self-forgetfulness; with a capital "O," the experience of the Void, or no-thing-ness.

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