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Taijas (Sans): From tejas, "fire"; meaning the "radiant," the "luminous," and referring to the manasa rupa, "the body of Manas," also to the stars, and the star-like shining envelopes. A term in Vedanta philosophy, having other meanings besides the Occult signification just given.

Tanha (Sans):  thirst for; craving; desire.

Tao:  see Way.

Taraka Raj Yoga (Sans): One of the Brahmanical Yoga systems, the most philosophical, and in fact the most secret of all, a its real tenets are never given out publicly.  It is a purely intellectual and spiritual school of training.

Tathagata (Sans):  Buddha's self appellation; it means "Thus-come," the Thus indicating the enlightened state.

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Tetragrammaton (Grk): The deity-name in four letters, which are in their English form IHVH. It is a kabalistical term and corresponds on a more material plane to the sacred Pythagorean Tetraktys.

Theodidaktos (Grk): The "God taught;" a title applied to Ammonius Saccas.

Theogony (Grk): From the Greek theogonia, lit., the "Genesis of the Gods."

Theosophia (Grk): Lit., "divine wisdom or the wisdom of the gods."

Therapeutae, or Therapeuts (Grk): A school of Jewish mystic healers, or esotericists, wrongly referred to, by some, as a sect; their doings and beliefs are to this day a mystery to the critics, as their philosophy seems a combination of Orphic, Pythagorean, Essenian and purely Kabalistic practices.

Theurgy: From the Greek thiourgia.  Rites for bringing down to earth planetary or other spirits or gods. In our day theurgy or divine, beneficent magic is but too apt to become goetic, or in other words, Sorcery.

Thread Soul: The same as Sutratma, which see.

Thumos (Grk):  A Pythagorean and Platonic term, applied to an aspect of the human soul, to denote its passionate kamarupic condition --almost equivalent to the Sanskrit word tamas: the "quality of darkness," and probably derived from the latter.

Triad or Trinity: In every religion and philosophy --the three in One.

Transmigration:  the passing of a soul into another body after death.

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Upadhi (Sans): Basis of something, substructure; as in Occultism --substance is the upadhi of Spirit: Vahan.

Upanishad (Sans): The third division of the Vedas, and classed with revelations (Sruta or "revealed word"). Like the Kabala, which interprets the esoteric sense of the Bible, so the Upanishads explain the mystic sense of the Vedas; written before the enforcement of caste and Brahmanical power.

Vallabacharyas Sect (Sans): A licentious phallic-worshipping community, whose main branch is at Bombey. The object of the worship is the infant Krishna. The Anglo-Indian government was compelled several times to interfere in order to put a stop to its rites and vile practices, and its governing Maharajah, a kind of High Priest, was more than once imprisoned, and very justly so.  It is one of the blackest spots of India.

Vedanta (Sans): the "end of all knowledge." Among the six Darsanas or the schools of philosophy, it is also called Uttaramimansa, or the "later" Mimansa. There are those who, unable to understand its esotericism, consider it atheistical; but this is not so, as Sankaracharya, the great apostle of this school, and its popularizer, was one of the greatest mystics and adepts of India.

Vinnana (Sans): One of five Skandhas, meaning literally, "mental powers."

Visuddhimagga:  a text written in the 5th century AD by Buddha-Ghosa, a Buddhist monk-teacher.

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